How We Measure Our U Bolts

We manufacture a range of U Bolts in different shapes, metric size and bolt size to suit the varying needs of our customers. Our U Bolt sizes range from 40mm – 80mm in width and between 100mm to 200mm in length. For ease and convenience, all our U Bolt measurements are taken from the inside of the bolt. We measure from the inside of the bolt and not the centre of the bolt to remove the any estimation or guess work of how much to allow for the thickness of the bolt itself.

We also advise our customers that our U Bolts come with a tolerance of 1mm – 2mm. For example, a U Bolt measuring 40mm in width with a 1mm – 2mm tolerance may measure 42mm in width. Our U Bolts will never measure below the width stated.

Our U Bolts come with either a 50mm or 60mm thread depending on your bolt size. Please see below table outlining our variations in thread size.


Leg Length Thread Length
100mm 50mm
120mm 50mm
150mm 60mm
200mm 60mm


We advise our customers to look at the below diagrams of our U Bolts prior to ordering to ensure they receive the correct size needed.


We hope that the above guidance and information will assist you prior to ordering. However, should you have any further queries please contact us prior to ordering. Our team will be happy to assist you to ensure that you order and receive the correct bolts.